Authentic International Culinary Spots in Vancouver

by akashyadav - September 3, 2018

Authentic International Culinary Spots in Vancouver

Aside from being one of the most diverse cities, Vancouver is also a great foodie city–no debate. It’s named one of the best food cities in the world by Olive magazine or Condé Nast Traveler.

But besides all the recognition and positive feedbacks, you can merely walk through the streets of Vancouver, and you’ll feel a great sense of appreciation for local and international dining. Aside from cultural diversity, it also takes pride in being home to a lot of international dishes that you can get a taste of.

A vacation to this city is a foodie trip, so you’ll need a guide on the must eat places in Vancouver and where to go. You need not leave the country to get a taste of delicious food from all over the world. Just head over to Vancouver, and you’re good to go.

Here are some of the best restaurants in Vancouver 2018 serving food with flavors from all over the world!


Fraser Park Restaurant (German)

Typically, Germans tend to eat both heavy and hearty meals including big portions of meat and bread. If you want to get a taste of what a champ feels like, head over to the Fraser Park Restaurant!

Whether you’re craving for German food in the morning or at lunch, the place offers a variety of sandwiches for just $5. They serve breakfast with bacon, four sausages, egg, tomatoes, lettuce, and homemade mayo stuffed in between a ciabatta bun.

For lunch, you can devour on roast beef and pork, turkey, ham, veggie with cheese, tuna and bacon and egg sandwiches for the same amount as above, that’s served with tomato, lettuce, and homemade mayo. Hungry already? Grab a bite here!

Guu Izakaya (Japanese)

Konnichiwa! Are you feeling a little Japanese lately? Then grab your friends and come on over to Guu Izakaya for some good food! Although rice and noodles are the main staples of a Japanese diet, the place offers a lot more!

It’s a restaurant that’s all about sharing plates with just $5 price tags. It has several locations that offer the yummiest of Japanese meals like takoyaki, tofu, fish cakes, cheesecake, and gyusuji for less than five bucks.

La Taqueria (Mexican)

No need to travel far south to Mexico and step out of your comfort-Vancouver-zone just to taste authentic Mexican food. In case you didn’t know, La Taqueria is your great local option.

It has a variety of meat tacos that cost $2.50 each and veggie tacos for $2 per piece. The restaurant has a lot to offer, so you’ll surely find the right one that suits your buds. Not only will the food take you aback but the ambiance of the place will capture you at the moment.

Au Petit Café (Vietnamese)

If you never miss a rice meal your entire life, then you must have been a Vietnamese national in your previous life. Their diets mostly revolve around rice and other food that comes from it. In the city of Vancouver, visit Au Petit Café!

The place is closed on Wednesdays, and this Main Street hot spot is the go-to place for authentic Vietnamese food, especially those banh-mi-loving locals. If you’re feeling light, you can always order sandwiches with a variety of options like meatball, liver, pork, and ham.

New Town Bakery & Restaurant (Chinese)

The list will never be complete without the mention of *wait-for-it* Chinese food! Have you heard about the New Town Bakery & Restaurant? This highly-rated gem is known to be one of the best and busiest bakeries in the city.

It offers 14 different sandwiches, with prices that range from five bucks to less, making it impossible to leave hungry. They also serve vegetable noodle soup, spring rolls, and other baked goods. You wouldn’t miss it for the world!

In Vancouver, not only will your memories be filled, but the same goes for your tummy too. With different international cuisines served in restaurants, you will never leave the city with an empty stomach!

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