Best Way to Organize Your Kitchen Sink

by akashyadav - February 28, 2018

There are many products which are used on or around a kitchen sink. It is a place which requires a great organization and level of cleanliness, because this can affect the health of everyone in the household. This is why we bring you several tricks to better organize your kitchen sink and ease up the cleaning process, either for you of for Surrey cleaning service providers.

First steps in organizing

If you intend to do a complete reorganization, the first thing to do is remove all the items you have stored underneath the sink. These can include all types of bottles, sponges or other containers of cleaning agents. When you put them away, you should do a thorough cleaning of every part of the storage space. Next, you are ready for new ways to organize the room.

Placing pull-out shelves or baskets

A pull-out shelf is a great way to store items under your kitchen sink. Those are the things you will need often, so it is great to have them easy to pull out and push back in. A pull-out shelf is great because it provides fast access to the back of the cupboard without the need to rummage through the first lines before being able to reach the back. It can be made as a shelf or basket type of unit, or it can be a plastic crate put on wheels to create mobility.

Kitchen Ingredients in Pullout Countertop Storage

Different levels of shelves

Shelves are always useful, especially when it comes to small storage spaces. As the place under your kitchen sink is one of them, think about making shelves arranged in several levels one above the other. That way, the products will have additional stacking space, while still staying easy to pull out.

Chrome baskets

When considering the space underneath a kitchen sink, you should also think about using the cupboard doors. They are great for hanging baskets made from chrome, which can hold plastic bags, spongers or other items. Both doors can be used to hang a basket, creating double the space.

Extendable shelves

Choose a type which best fits your cupboard and enjoy the benefits of a well-organized space. They have several shapes for storing various cleaning products or other chemicals, depending on your needs. One thing to keep in mind is that young children tend to explore and touch everything, so this type of storage unit is safer when they grow up.

Low-sided baskets

Regular baskets are items which can be useful throughout the household, for storage of numerous types of items. If you want to have an easy reach of items stored underneath your kitchen sink, baskets with low sides can do the trick. They are great for tea towels and similar kitchen cloths.

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