How to Deal with Dog Hair in Your Home

by akashyadav - December 15, 2016

How To Remove Dog Hair

I bet you never expected that a dog would be so much work. Sure, the puppy looked cute when you first brought it home, and now it is part of your family, part of the furniture in fact, but in more ways than one… Very few people think of giving you an advanced warning about the dog fur tumbleweeds that make residential cleaning a nightmare, but it comes as part of the package: if you want a dog indoors, you need to be ready to clean up after it. Let’s look at a few ways to make the task of dog hair removal from your home easier and more bearable.

Firstly, why do dogs shed?

Shedding is a natural process for most dogs (unless they are hairless of course). Like we lose hair, dogs lose their fur, but sadly, because they are completely covered in fur, they lose lots of it. But you can’t just call in the cleaning companies and be over with it. Cleaning your dog’s hair off everything it gets on can prove to be a daily battle.

Dogs typically shed heavily during 2 periods of the year, and this is during the transition from hot to cold and vice versa. The shedding can last from a few days to a few months, and some breeds just shed all year through. So in order that you don’t show up to work in a fresh suit of dog hair, here are a few things you can do to minimize the rate at which your dog sheds indoors:

  • Feed your dog well: make sure your dog eats a balanced diet. If your dog is getting sufficient omega acids and vitamins in its diet, it is sure to have a healthy coat, and healthy coats shed less.
  • Groom your dog regularly: here is a way you can attack the root of the problem. Give your dog a thorough grooming before he has a chance to shed the fur. You can even take it outside so that you can save yourself the hassle of sweeping the hair all up!
  • Make sure your dog is healthy: if your dog sheds more than it regularly does or if you find fur coming off in patches, it is time to see if there is an underlying reason for this. Fungal infections, parasites, ticks, worms can all be reasons for excessive fur loss.

So, as the first step towards having a cleaner home, make sure you go to the source first. If your dog is healthy and well groomed, you know that all the fur in the house has a good and natural reason for being there.

Cleaning out the dog hair in your house…

Dog hair can be tricky to remove, and you may often find yourself looking with dismay at the stubborn dog hairs lying about even though you vacuumed your house a million times that day. As there are no ways of stopping your dog from shedding, here are some ways you can either clean up the dog hair more effectively or reduce the amount of dog hair that gets left around the house.

  • Use furniture covers for your furniture that trap hair: having washable covers over your furniture (especially your sofas and beds), means that when fur is trapped by them, you can easily wash them and they will not allow the fur to get on the underlying furniture. Simple sheets would also suffice if you are not able to source ready-made slipcovers for this task. If you are entertaining guests, you can just remove the covers and your furniture will have no trace of dog hair on them.
  • Vacuum your furniture often, and a second time in an alternate direction if necessary. Use a mixture of water and fabric softener/ baking soda and spray on carpets before vacuuming to loosen the fur. Some companies have specially designed fur vacuums, and some of these can be used directly on your animal (if your animal cooperates!).
  • Clean with rubber gloves or sponge: using slightly damp gloves or slightly damp sponges, and running them over you furniture (or even over your animals) may help you get rid of fur that is hard to dislodge.
  • Choose to use fabrics that don’t attract or trap pet fur around your house.
  • Make sure you clean out the filters and vents: cleaning the heating and cooling vents as well as any filter grills that can trap fur is essential as fur can stay lodged there for long periods of time.
  • Make sure you clean the corners and gaps: fur gets collected in the most inconspicuous places, so make sure you clean the gaps, corners or even the spaces under furniture so that you don’t have too much dog hair lying about.
  • If fur gets on your clothes use a lint roller to get the hairs off.
  • There are various commercial products that can be used to combat shedding (for instance the FURminator Vacuum, the Pledge Fabric Sweeper, Dyson Animal Upright Vacuum, and the FURminator deShedding Shampoo are all products that have been used successfully by many pet owners).

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