Fall Gardening Tips In Vancouver

by akashyadav - October 24, 2018

Fall Gardening Tips In Vancouver

It’s time to say goodbye to the flowers and fruits of summer. The fun part now, though, is planning your autumn garden.

Planning for fall is a great way to ensure the following spring brings bountiful results in your garden. So, take some time to prepare sod, manage the soils, clean them up and just make sure your garden survives the winter.

Here’s a list of fall Vancouver gardening tips to help your garden survive the winter and flourish in spring.

1. Don’t clean up too much.

Fall clean up can be one of the worst things you can do to your garden, if not done properly.

There are several ways you can clean your garden after fall smothers it with piles of leaves, and without harming it too much (those leaves have a purpose in nature during the winter). Some plants, like roses, can be trimmed plenty in order for them to survive winter, but not others. Just trim them a little and let their scraps cover the soil. Again, this will be an important point later on.

If you’re really concerned about how scraps and leaves look in your driveway or front door, just put down mulch or some wooden chips.

2. Don’t leave soil exposed

If you let your soil exposed, it can be easily destroyed in winter, which is why you shouldn’t clean your garden entirely. The soil might get eroded from constant rain or snow, and you’ll be left with little to grow in spring.

That’s why you don’t see any exposed soil in nature, as everything is either covered in leaves, scraps, rocks, grass or otherwise just bare.

3. Plant indigenous species that blossom through the winter

You can use native plants to Vancouver and British Columbia to cover any bare soil, or in your garden in general. The native plants will require almost no maintenance and can live off the regional climate. It’s always a good idea to simply have indigenous flora.

One great example is the Seablush (plectritis), native to the entire North American coast, from British Columbia to Baja California, Mexico. However, the best option for your garden here in Vancouver is the longhorn seablush, specifically.

Also, poached egg plant grows through the winter and blooms in spring. These two plants die, they set their seeds and die. They give space for your springs and summer plants to grow through the season.

4. Nurture new growers

All young ornamentals—even natives and drought-tolerant choices—need deep watering right after planting. Irrigate them deeply and thoroughly with the hose, also if you plan to let drip irrigation take over later. Give them regular water through the winter if rains are slight, and then beyond until they reach maturity at a year or two.

Learning how to do some gardening this fall is an excellent and fun idea to relax. Hiring a professional house cleaning service will help you lay off with the cleaning duties. With this, you can take gardening seriously.

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