Keeping Your House Clean When You Have Pets At Home

by akashyadav - June 29, 2018

Whether it be a cat, a dog, a hamster or a tank full of exotic fish, just about everyone loves having a pet.

Why wouldn’t this be so? Pets can bring so much joy to your life with their silly antics and comforting nature.

Unfortunately, pets can also bring about plenty of bother by way of unexpected messes. From litter boxes to accidents on the carpet, and torn up rugs to shedding everywhere, it can be almost impossible to keep the house clean with pets around.

Luckily, we have some experience in this area, and today we are here to offer you some advice on how to do what feels impossible.

Yes, you can have a clean house and a pet!


Read on to find out how to deep clean a house with pets.



If your pet sheds fur on the couch, be sure to clean it up. Not only is it unsightly, but it can be stinky as well. Use a vacuum attachment or a sticky roller to clean up the hair, and the job’s done in less time than it takes to think about putting it off for another day.

With pets in the house, prompt action is required, or things can easily get out of hand.


If you let your pet sleep in the bed with you, you might want to reconsider. Letting your pet sleep on your bed can make you wake up covered in dog or cat fur and you’re going to need to be cleaning your sheets and covers a lot more frequently than usual. 

But did you know that you are also risking your health by letting your animals sleep with you? Even if you can’t see them, your pet might have fleas. Fleas will bite anyone and anything, and those bites can make you very sick.

Make sure your pet is clean, and that you change your sheets frequently.


Make sure you are dusting your floors regularly, especially if they are wooden. Use a good microfiber dust mop to get up the pesky pet hair and dander that your furball leaves in their wake. You can then clean this microfiber pad and use a wet one to mop the floors to get up any dander or hair that was left behind. 

If you have carpets, vacuum them daily to alleviate the mess of pet hair and dander. 

If your pet has an accident on the carpets, be sure to clean it as quickly as possible. There are special formulas containing enzymes that have been designed specifically for cleaning pet messes from carpets.

Your Pet

The first line of defense you have to keep your home clean is to keep your pet clean. Make sure they are regularly brushed and bathed. Be certain you spend time cleaning their toys and belongings as well.

Cleaning Service

Using a house cleaning service is a wise move if you’re a pet owner. A little outside help from the professionals, even if it’s only once a month, can make your life so much easier to clean house with pets.

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