Laundry Basics: How to Sort, Wash, Dry and Fold

by akashyadav - July 30, 2018

Laundry Basics How to Sort, Wash, Dry and Fold

Doing laundry is one of the toughest chores to get through. Whether you have no clean clothes to wear or you just have been ignoring a massive pile of laundry, you must do it. But, do you know how to do the laundry properly?

If not, we’ve compiled basic tips for you to follow on how to manage laundry. Let’s jump in!

Sort and Segregate

Sort your laundry by color. Separate your whites, light-colored, bright and dark to avoid dye-transfers.

Separating synthetics and laundry sorting system —polyester, nylon, acrylic—from natural fibers—cotton, linen—can also keep dye-transfer problems at bay, and synthetic fibers can be dye magnets, absorbing the castoffs from dye-rich natural fibers.

Keep lint-generators like sweatshirts, towels, flannel fabrics away from lint attractors such as nylon blouses, microfibers in your laundry pile.

Prep and Pretreat

Check item of clothing as you load the washer. Remove belts, close zippers, remove ties, and don’t forget to check pockets for stuff that don’t belong in the wash. Look for stains and treat them before you wash.

Wash and Dry

It’s time to wash. Once the clothing is loaded, add some detergent. Washing machines vary in capacity and are designed to use differing amounts of detergent, so do research thoroughly.

You have to check your washer’s manual first, then read the detergent box to decide how much you will add and do measure carefully, using a measuring cup.

You may want to use more detergent for more massive loads, dirty clothing or if you live in an area with hard water. Use a bit less soap for soft water, small loads or lightly soiled clothing.

Add any fabric softener. It should be added throughout the final rinse cycle.

Select the appropriate water temperature for the clothes in the washer.

When your washer cycle has finished, it’s time to dry. Before drying, check your clothes’ care labels. Some fabric types cannot be tumble dried, so you’ll want to set those items aside to air dry. Place your clothing in an automatic dryer, and choose the appropriate heat level and cycle setting.

Give any twisted garments a good shake as you load them, and you’ll give them a head start to dry smooth and wrinkle-free. Hang delicate clothing from hangers, a dryer rack or from a clothesline to air-dry.

Fold and Put Away

You have to make sure that you hang or fold your clothes after getting it from the dryer. The last bit of heat in the garment will help to smooth out wrinkles and prevent the need to iron. Be careful with metal buttons or zippers, and they tend to become very hot after a tumble in the dryer.

Doing the laundry can be frustrating. It’s time-consuming, but if you do it frequently, it can be less overwhelming. If you let a heap of dirty laundry accumulate, it can be too much. Hire a housecleaning service that can help you with other chores while you do the laundry, or even help you with that as well!

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