Make Cooking Easier With These Great New Appliances

by akashyadav - July 1, 2018

Make Cooking Easier With These Great New Appliances

If you often find yourself admitting to ordering takeout even when you have good ingredients in the refrigerator, or are helpless when it comes to cooking, these cooking appliance that does everything might be your savior.

Using them requires prep as minimal as cutting up ingredients and tossing in sauces and spices, so yes, you do still have to put in some effort, but it’s nothing compared to the “usual” way of cooking.

Do you need something to make breakfast for you the next morning? Let’s jump in!

Here are some unique and non-traditional cooking appliances for kitchen that will make cooking a lot easier!


Instant Pot Ultra 6 Quart

This upgraded version of everyone’s favorite all-in-one cooker retails at $119.95. It has three new programs—egg, cook, and sterilize—that pretty much do anything. It’s an Instant Pot, and that makes it a good pressure cooker.

It has all the features:

  • A stainless steel inner pot
  • Gasket holder built into the lid
  • Lid holder built into the handle
  • Easy set-it-and-forget-it pressure cooking

The June Oven

The June Oven is a new and improved non-traditional oven that can make your cooking a lot easier. It has a built-in, scale, temperature probes, and camera. It can recognize certain foods determines what temperature and time they need for cooking.

This oven retails for $1, 495. As you use it frequently, it learns to recognize more foods, and it will become more useful. Also, keep in mind that June Oven is similar to a standard toaster oven, so it can only bake a sheet of cookies at a time and it can’t handle your Thanksgiving turkey.

You’ll get to pick your recipe, do as much slicing and dicing as you like, and the oven will figure out how to bake, broil or roast it — and beep when it’s done.

The Hestan Cue

You’ll experience the future with the help of The Hestan Cue. It’s a combination of a pan and a burner with sensors that can send you information through an app on your phone via Bluetooth. It will let you know when your pan is preheated, flip your burger or salmon, adjusts the heat level under the pan, and lets you know when it’s ready to serve.

This pan retails for $500. If you often forget about turning the heat down of your skillet, then the Hestan Cue is perfect for you. You can now avoid burnt butter for your chicken cutlets.

Miele’s Dialog

Miele’s Dialog is similar to a microwave, but it is more sophisticated than a conventional one. The radio waves adjust to the food as it cooks and as a result, it heats evenly and can cook more than one food at once. For example, potatoes and steak—in the same amount of time—both of them can come out perfectly.

The food comes out super moist, and with the help of Miele’s Dialog, it can cook up 70% faster, but it doesn’t burn it. This oven kicks the conventional one and can give you food that looks and tastes best, golden, and crusty. This oven retails for $9000, a little too pricey among the rest, but it can give you the best cooking in your life if you want it.  

Crock-Pot Slow Cooker

A slow cooker that automatically shifts to warm once the cook time finishes and is easy to transport from place to place. It lets you set the timer for cooking, so you can come back to a hot meal waiting for you at the end of the day.

Its cover has a rubber gasket to guarantee your food won’t spill, whether you’re taking it to your dinner table or carrying it to a gathering. Slow cookers are perfect for both healthy dishes and hearty meals.

With all the cooking in the kitchen, you’ll need to clean it thoroughly for safety reasons. You can always seek help from a professional house cleaning service! They can make your kitchen spotless for another round of cooking sessions with your family.

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