Ten Space-Saving Ideas for Your Garage

by akashyadav - September 28, 2017

Sadly, the wise words of Benjamin Franklin, ‘a place for everything, and everything in its place’, don’t ring true in many of the modern homes of today. People have many excuses for why it is not so, and according to studies done by the NPD market research group, the ‘lack of space’ (32.9%), the lack of time (27.3%), and too much stuff (6.7%) were the excuses used most commonly by people to explain the lack of organization in their homes.


Many people hire professional cleaning services to reorganize their spaces, and the garage is one of the areas that need the most amount of attention, simply because it is one of the largest storerooms in the house. In fact, research done by the NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers) shows that 50% of homeowners name the garage as the most disorganized place in their home. Hopefully, this isn’t the case in your house, but if it is, this list will most certainly help you to get your garage back into shape and make house cleaning a more enjoyable task. If not, there are always ways to improve a space and make it more efficient.


Space saving means that every bit of the available space is used in the best way possible. This means that while keeping things neat and organized, you are also able to do your tasks with ease, and also have convenient access to any item you may need for a particular task.


A few simple space-saving hacks for your garage

  1. Build yourself a foldable work table: it is easy to make, and will not leave the space looking cluttered, as it gives you a good surface to work on, and you can fold it up whenever you are done with using it as a workspace.

  1. Build more shelves: shelves can be used as key storage areas, as they are easy to build, and can store a number of different items. They can be built in difficult to reach places or be customized to fit corners. Building high overhead shelves can be a great way to store tools that you don’t want you kids to reach while playing cowboys and Indians. You can even build shelves above your door, which is an often unused space.

  1. Use wire racks for storage: simple wire racks on the wall can be inexpensive, and easy to maintain storage units. These allow you to see your tools, and not spend too much time digging for them.

  1. Make maximum use of wall space by installing pegboards: these can be great ways of using your free wall space. They can be used to store garden equipment, wires, hoses, tools etc… They are easy to attach to the wall, and with the use of hooks, tools can be swapped around, and new items can be added to it with ease. They are a great way to keep your tools within easy reach.

  1. Use plastic tubs, bins, and buckets for storage: in simple buckets, you can store scrap wood, tools, and sports gear. Plastic bins will help you keep everything better organized, and they can pile one on top of the other for optimized storage. Make sure you label everything before storage so that you can find what you want easily when you are looking for it.

  1. Try to divide up your garage into different sections: the areas can be organized according to sections like gardening, woodwork, electrical, vehicle maintenance, bikes, kid’s toys, and miscellaneous storage. This allows easy cleaning within an area, and you don’t have to walk or search too far when completing a job, which makes this a time-saving hack as well.


  1. Fix the lids on jars to the bottom of shelves: the little jars you use to store nuts, bolts, screws and nails don’t need storage space of their own on a work surface if they can be neatly screwed onto the bottom of your garage shelves.

  1. Use magnetic strips: these are popularly used in kitchens, but why not transfer then to your garage and use them along the wall when you need to store your spanners, paintbrushes, screws and nails.

  1. Use shoe organizers for bottles and sprays: shoe organizers are a great storage option because they are so cheap, and they come in many different sizes, so you can choose one to fit your needs.

  1. Look for ways to make bike storage efficient- in a family, chances are high that every member of the household has a bike of their own. Look for ways to avoid parking your bike on the ground, and look at other options like vertical storage or even ceiling storage (you can also use creative storage for skateboards, prams, and trolleys as well).

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