The 10 Best Cleaning Tools for Your Home

by akashyadav - January 2, 2017

The 10 Best Cleaning Tools For Your HomeCleaning isn’t always a task we enjoy, but thankfully, over the years this has become more bearable thanks to a few useful tools that aid our work. Some have been there for many generations, while some are relatively new additions to our list of ‘must have’ cleaning supplies. Let’s take a closer look at a few tools we can’t clean without, and find out what they are commonly used for.

Brooms: even though brooms have been used in all parts of the world for a long time, ever since a man named Levi Dickenson presented the first American broom to his happy wife in 1797, it has become one of the most in-demand cleaning tools out there.

Over the years, brooms have changed in shape and size but they still follow a simple design that has not altered too much from the initial models. They essentially consist of stiff fibers (usually made of plastic, synthetic material or natural fibers), that are attached to a cylindrical handle or broomstick that allows the user to grip it with ease.

You should choose your broom according to what you want to use it for. There are softer models for indoor use that won’t damage your floors, and there are brooms made of tougher fibers that can be used very effectively to clean garages and sidewalks.

Brushes and scrubs: they are particularly useful if there are stubborn stains and patches of dirt that refuse to leave the floor or household surface. The abrasive action of these brushes helps loosen up dirt and gunk, which can then be simply swept or washed away.

From the long scrub brushes that sailors are famed for using, to the little handheld brushes, the variety is endless. You can find these in many different shapes and sizes to match any scrubbing task you want to accomplish.

Hand held spray bottles: they are easy to carry around, access and they can store a wide range of cleaning liquids. Simply fill a bottle with cleaning liquid and hang the bottle in a designated area, and then you have a quick and easy way to immediately clean up a spill, as and when it happens. These bottles are also able to spray the liquid evenly over surfaces, and thus prevent wastage. They are one of the favorite cleaning tools of house maids the world over.

Handheld dusters: dusters are made of many different types of soft materials like feathers, wool, and microfibers. They can be used to remove dust, dirt, and cobwebs off furniture, and surfaces like walls and ceilings. They are easy to use and are a lifetime investment if used properly.

Dust pans: whether you use it for cleaning up dirt, crumbs, spills, or broken glass, the uses of a dustpan are seemingly endless. You can also use them to pick up pieces that are too big to be vacuumed, yet too small to pick up individually. There are even long handled dustpans that can be used to help people who have back problems clean their homes as well.

Squeegee and mop: these can be used most effectively when cleaning liquids are used on glass, tiled, or waterproof surfaces. They are great for cleaning up spills and sanitizing bathrooms. They can both be effectively used to control the flow of liquid, and clean it away.

Bucket: a cleaning bucket is one of the oldest tricks in the book. Make sure that you have a well-stocked bucket in your home for the next time you need to give your space a clean, or when your residential cleaners pay you a visit.

Sponges: These are cleaning essentials because these thirsty sponges soak up any liquid they placed on. They also usually have a tougher top layer that can be used for light scrubbing as well.

Microfiber cloths: this is a relatively new addition to the cleaning world compared to the other items on our list, but is just as important as any of them. They consist of tinier, more tightly woven fibers that effectively clean off any unclean particles they trap. So maybe it’s time to stop using your old rags and invest in some amazing microfiber cloths.

Vacuum cleaners: even though they are yet another more recent addition, but they have not failed to make out lives immeasurably easier since they were first introduced.

You simply need to hover the vacuum attachment over the area that needs to be cleaned, and it will clean up your dirt and messes in record time. It is certainly one of the most loved cleaning appliances and is certainly not undervalued in modern homes.

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